„The Voice of Security Awareness - VoSA”

The Voice of Security Awareness "VoSA" is a magazine of the Faculty of Security Sciences of the General Tadeusz Kosciuszko Military University of Land Forces in Wrocław issued half-yearly from 2017. The magazine was begun on the ground of long-term experience in the diagnosis of security risks, which are ubiquitous in human life. The idea behind its creation was to disseminate the latest and utilitarian knowledge of broadly understood national and international security as well as defense, safety engineering, and crisis management. The message is to promote and develop scientific knowledge based on empirical research, as well as on the critical analysis of the current state of knowledge on the security problems of the contemporary world.

Thematic areas (sections) of the magazine include:

  • national security;
  • international security;
  • defense;
  • safety engineering;
  • crisis management.

"VoSA" publishes innovative scientific manuscripts based on empirical research, including research reports as well as theoretical considerations referring to classical theories of and approaches to security. The magazine allows texts whose idea is to promote innovative methodological solutions dedicated to the study of security issues considered at various levels, with particular emphasis on their utilitarianism.